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Company Overview & History

Our History

Fernando Velasquez founder/ president of Dream Electric LLC, has served in the construction industry for well over 25 years. Fernando is personally involved, whether through a supervisory or hands-on role, in each project that Dream Electric takes on. He manages day to day operations such as working with project managers and superintendents, overseeing scheduling, analyzing man-power and equipment allocation. He has been certified with HVAC and electrical apprenticeship program and accredited with a master electrician license by DPOR.  Through fundamental electrical knowledge acquired early in his career and a commitment to his customers, Fernando, believed he could provide the higher level of service they deserved. 

Who We Are

Dream Electric LLC is fully licensed, insured and bonded.  We are also certified as a small minority business enterprise in Richmond, VA.  We're very proud of our reputation and protect it the only way we know how... by providing quality workmanship, knowledgeable electricians, and staying committed to our customers. 

Dream Electric LLC provides professional and innovative solutions for residential and commercial sectors.  Our highly qualified technical personnel and technical resources are what allows us to provide quality work at a fair price. 

Our Vision

Creating connections that empower people by offering our clients the best service. 

Our Values

Our values as a company are fundamentally based on the idea of teamwork and quality service. 

Dream Electric's Values Are:

 • Safety
 • Respect
 • Responsiveness
 • Creativity
 • Commitment
 • Integrity
 • Initiative
 • & most importantly Teamwork 

Our Mission

Our purpose is to create a superior value for our customers by working in conjunction to reach your business goals by projecting service and innovative solutions that respond to your expectations utilizing the best practices of electrical engineering. 

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© Copyright 2017 | DREAM ELECTRIC LLC.

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